Civic Leadership

We facilitate local governmental officials, civic and youth organizations, and business leaders in the creation and promotion of constructive civic engagement.

When a small group of Minnesotans from various backgrounds decided to embark on a trip to Ukraine, no one anticipated that it would lead to the creation of two organizations on two different continents, five more exchange programs, and the transformation of thousands of lives in both countries.

Global Synergy Group (GSG) is a non-profit organization that engages local government officials, civic and youth organizations, and business leaders in Ukraine and the United States. GSG was founded by passionate action-oriented philanthropists. Our goal is for participants to exchange ideas, information, and expertise in order to create innovative solutions to global issues in both countries. GSG provides program design, training, and facilitation to help groups think, talk, and work together in a uniquely orchestrated way. GSG uses unique facilitation methods to insure that every participant walks away with a concrete action plan for tackling the local and global issues that matter most to them.

GSG’s Civic Leadership Engagement and Development Program is for action-oriented, culturally curious, community leaders, government officials, educators, trainers, and anyone with a desire to learn how to make their community a better place.

GSG is supported by the Board of Directors, who believe in the power of transformative experiential learning. As of 2011, GSG has hosted two groups of Ukrainian leaders in Minnesota and has sent one group of Minnesotan leaders to Ukraine.