About Global Synergy Group

We are about strengthening communities and youth in Minnesota and Ukraine by facilitating civic engagement and leadership development.

It started with one immigrant’s desire to make Minnesota feel like home.

Irina Fursman, the founder of Global Synergy Group (GSG) moved to Minnesota from Ukraine in 2002. With a passion for civic engagement and a small army of like-minded leaders, GSG launched the first Civil Leadership Development and Engagement Exchange between Minnesota and Ukraine in 2011. That year, five local government officials, executive search consultants, and business trainers visited the small town of Boryspil, Ukraine to build a relationship of global citizenship and communication, and to learn and share about governance and civic engagement. The visit resulted in the signing of a sister-city agreement between Hopkins, Minnesota and Boryspil, Ukraine.

With the creation of this new and transformative relationship, GSG was able to catalyze an exchange program with the two communities. Local government and public leaders, trainers/facilitators, business owners, and youth from Minnesota and Ukraine now share this unique and important opportunity to engage across the Atlantic.

Today, GSG is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a legacy of three Civic Leadership Engagement and Development exchange visits and four Youth Civic Leadership Engagement and Development exchange visits to and from Ukraine.